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Hello and welcome to my page, where i'm going to write about mind blowing inventions and amazing gadgets!
30/4/17Are hoverboards real?
Are you tired of normal skateboards? Are you tired of staying on the ground all the time? Well, if the answer to those questions is yes, then get ready...
For a real hoverboard!
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Meet the ArcaBoard! A real hoverboard that has 36 high power fans, that move at 45,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). those powerful fans create 272 horsepower,
enabling the board to float about 30 cm above the ground. It also has a stabilization system that allows the board to stay flat while moving.
And for a more immersive experience, the users can turn off the system and manually guide the board with the tilt of their bodies. And the best part?
The board can be used over any terrain.
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But those hoping to use the skateboard to fly to school or to try and outrun cars will be disappointed. Because the current maximum speed of the board is just 20 km per hour. Even more limiting is the fact that the amount of power needed to make the board float is so big, that the ArcaBoard only floats above ground for between three to six minutes.

As for carrying it in your backpack? Don't even think about it. Thanks to the electric fans and batteries, the board is not just very big,
but also weighs more then 80 kg and requires at least two people to carry.

And the price? Don't even ask. The board costs almost $20,000, which will keep it out of reach for most people, and that doesn't include the $4,500 charging system called ArcaDock that can charge up the board in just 30 minutes, instead of the 6 hours is will take otherwise.
But do not despair. The company promises that future versions will not only be cheaper, but also be able to stay in the air for longer.

Well, after that I can't wait for the day where I will be able to just fly to where ever I want to be.
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8/5/17Can a piece of paper serve as a battery?
Everyone wants small, cheap and rechargable batterys.
And now, some researchers at Sweden's Linköping University may have finally succeeded with a battery made out of paper. It's called Power Paper!

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The researchers begin by blasting cellulose, the material that is used to make most paper and cardboard, with high-pressure water until the diameter of each cellulose strand is 20 manometers. The strands are then exposed to a solution of electrically charged polymer which forms a thin coating around each nanofiber. The fibers and the liquid in between, are then shaped into a thin sheet, resulting in what the researchers call 'Power Paper'.

external image 1-storingelect.jpg
According to the researchers, one sheet of Power Paper can store 1 Faraday, or as much as a super capacitor.The only difference? Unlike the bulky capacitor, Power Paper is only 15 cm wide.What's even better is that Power Paper can be recharged hundreds of times, and each charge takes just a few seconds. The researchers who revealed Power Paper, are now trying to scale the manufacturing process, so that Power Paper can be available to power all of our devices.

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19/5/17Does Optimus Prime really exist?

The turkish technology company Letvision recently unveiled a working prototype of a real-life transformer called Latron!
The company says the idea to build the Letrons came during a brainstorming session to create a unique and futuristic project.
It took a team of twelve engineers and four technisians eight months to build the first prototype.

external image half-585x306.jpg

Called Antimon, the life-size BMW Letron has hydraulic controls that allow the neck, head, arms, and hands to move. Although the first version of Letron is unable to walk, the engineers believe they can add the functionallity to future models.
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Letvision says the BMW Antimon and prototypes of Letrons with other car brands are currently being developed, and are all available for purchase. But because that the remote controlled car is not drivable in traffic means that Letrons are not going to save the world any time soon. But this tiny step forward is probably not going to prevent fans from snatching up these real life transformers as rapidly as they can.

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22/5/17Does a plant powered lamp exist?
Electricity has always been a problem in Nuevo Saposoa, a remote village in Peru.
And if this is not enough, in march of 2015 there was a flood that damaged some of the power cables.Because of this, they were forced to use kerosene lamps, which are not only expensive, but also emit toxic fumes!

The researchers and students at the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) in Lima, Peru heard about their problem and came up with a genius solution. They designed a lamp that can be powered by plants and soil!
Called Plantalámparas or 'lamp that runs on plant power', the machine draws energy from a plant growing in a wooden box and uses it to light up an LED bulb.
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While doing this may sound very complicated and even impossible, it is actually pretty simple.During the process of photosynthesis, the waste that is produced by plants goes to the soil. Thanks to the microorganisms, it decomposes and undergoes oxidization, which produces electrons. The UTEC team put electrodes inside the soil to harness the energy and store it in the lamp's batteries to use in a later time. The researchers say a single charge can light an LED bulb for 2 hours!
external image 3054031-slide-s-1-plant-powered-lamps-light-up-a-peruvian.jpg

Now I can't wait until the plant powered lamp will be sold in israel!

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29/5/17Is Jarvis real?
In the start of a new year, most people have some goals for that year.Mark Zuckerberg's goal for 2016 was to build his very own Jarvis (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) from Iron Man.
Mark announced his goal on his website, Facebook, on January 3rd. He said that his yet to be named artificial intelligence assistant will have facial recognition technology to let in family members and friends into the house. It will also be programmed to keep a watchful eye on his baby, Maxima, and alert him of unexpected disturbances.
external image d61.jpg
The best part? The system will be able to create holograms just like Jarvis' holograms.And if you think Mark will get some help from Facebook's engineers, then think again. He plans to code the system all by himself, because "It's a different kind of rewarding to build things yourself."
So, that's it. I really can't wait until it will be done.
Link to Jarvis in DOGOnews

Can a drone serve food?Would you want to have food brought to you by a drone?Well, that's what the Japanese online retailer, Rakuten does in the Camel Golf Resort , which is in Tokyo.The drone, called Tenku, can carry up to 2kg of weight, and golfers can call him with their phones to bring snacks, drinks, or even golf equipment!
external image 160425-rakuten-drone-2-100657731-primary-idge.jpg
First, the customer chooses what he wants to be delivered to him on a special app. Then the cost is deducted from the customer's credit card. After that, golf club employees load the order onto the drone, which is then sent to one of several pick up zones scattered around the course.
Then the app notifies the customer that the order has arrives, and he just goes there, picks up hiss stuff, and then continues to play!
external image deliverydroneandroidapp.jpg
Rakuten says that they are on a month long pilot at the golf course because of Japan’s regulations that forbid drones from flying over busy areas. Unfortunately, while the drone delivery services may be extended beyond the intended month, Rakuten has no plans to introduce the drone delivery service to other locations.

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