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Hello guys,
welcome to my blog. My blog talks about "life according to the beast".
I love animals and it's important to me that all of you see that animals are amazing and how much you can learn from them.
Hope you'll enjoy

Today I want to tell you about mammals, mammals are a group of animals that when they are born they eat from their mother's milk glands. There are 5,400 species of mammals in the world. Let's talk about a slightly different mammal, a mammal that lives in the sea

The dolphin lives at sea with the dolphin group of the same area in the oceans. Their favorite food is mainly fish and squid. In the eye of the dolphin there is an optical lens that allows it to see in the water and above the water together, the dolphin's breathing hole allows it to swim and breathe air.

During the Passover holiday, I visited Discovery Cove in the United States and swam with dolphins. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had.We learned to treat the dolphins gently, and to hold them from the fin. I was happy to know the dolphins in depth and I also recommend that you
explore them .


Hey everyone thanks for coming back to my blog.

Last time I talked about dolphins, and today I want to tell you about an animal that is very important to me, dogs. Dogs live in the house as pets. Most of them have a good life and are treated with great love.
However, have you ever heard of dogs that are closed in cages? They have almost no food or water, or a person who will love them. These dogs were abandoned, thrown, or lost their way.

The paddock sounds like a good place to save a dog's life, which is one big lie! Treat the dogs in a derogatory manner and close 10 dogs in a very small cage. Most of those dogs are not being adopted for all sorts of reasons ... Unfortunately, when the place ends in the paddock, these beautiful dogs are being killed. In my opinion, the act is unforgiveable.

There are groups that raise awareness in order to save them. They also try to relief there pain in those cages and to find homes.
They also organize adoption days.
I cannot adopt a dog because of my health, but each of you can and should adopt a dog, that's a wonderful thing to do. A dog brings a lot of joy, happiness and peace.

I bought my dog, and he makes me happy every moment of my life. When I'm sad I can only talk to him, even though he does not answer me.

So remember, when you adopt a dog sometimes it is he that adopted you…
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Hey welcome back to my blog, and today we'll talk about zoos in Israel and around the world. Zoo animals in ancient times were used to make the king and queen laugh, animals did not eat or drink for days.

Today, zoos have several important goals: to teach visitors about animals, to keep animals and to expose visitors to new and interesting animals.
Zoos use an innovative method that allows an animal to feel peace and quiet, the "Cages" are very similar to their home in the jungle, smells and
food are very reminiscent of the jungle, the animals are not afraid and are more relaxed.

I think zoos are a wonderful thing that takes animals into account, it keeps them and their kind.
There are many types of zoos with different purposes and subjects. For example, the dolphinariums that exist in many countries preserve the larger sea animals: sea lions, seals, dolphins and more ... Zoos is a wonderful thing! It is important to learn from them
see you soon

Hey everyone thanks for coming back to my blog. and today we'll talk about animal movies there are lots of animal movies, but today I'll talk about my 2 favorite movies. the first one: The lion king. I saw the musical in New York last Passover, and I really enjoyed it. The film tells about a lion named Simba and his father is king of animals, his father was killed by Simba's uncle but Simba does not know it. Simba escapes to the forest, during the film Simba learns to take everything easily and live in a form of life called "Hakuna Metta" which means: No worries! I will not tell you the end, you'll have to see the movie yourself. The film shows us that animals also have feelings just like humans, and that they too are: afraid, happy, sad ...

The second film I want to talk about is the Jungle Book, Mowgli is a little boy lost in the jungle, when he grew up he started playing with the animals, he loved Blue Bear the most. And the panther hoarding. But he must watch out for the dangerous Shirhan, who likes to eat people! Mowgli finds a lost girl and falls in love with her. She wants him to move in with the people. Will Mowgli agree? Will Shirhan devour him? All this you will discover, you will see the film.
see you soon

Hi welcome back to my blog,

Today I want to tell you about my relationship with the animals. I've always loved animals, but little animals: dogs, cats, rabbits ... One summer I flew to France, and I knew the other side of the animals. I fed chickens, milked cows, rode horses, and knew all the animals in depth. I understood that they, too, had feelings, feelings, and thinking. I realized that there are no bad animals in the world, there are animals that express their feelings in a way that seems bad to us. Swimming attacks a person she actually only protects herself! That year I discovered how important animals are to me and how many are my friends. And as I can not eat any of my classmates, I will not be able to eat my fellow animals. When I decided that I was a vegetarian (not a meat eater), I understood that the consequences would be many. But I'm sure of my decision and she'll save a lot of animals that did not hurt anyoneIn conclusion: "It's like magic that works when you focus on the goal, the goal grow" Helen Celer

Hi and welcome back to my blog,
Today I want to talk to you about animals you may have heard about and probably told you they do not really exist
And we'll start loving her:
Unicorn - Unicorn is depicted as a horse with one horn on his head. It is said to have magical and good qualities, but it is not really known whether there are unicorns

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