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The savana is the home for many kinds of animals like the lions, giraffes and elephants.
In this first blog im going to tell about the lion.
The lion is very interesting animal.
He lives in groups of 15 or more lions.
The lion is a mammal animal that eat many kinds of animals- deers, zebrasand many more animals.
In the past, humans takes the lions to show on the animals shows, but now its illegal.
Did you know?
Not the male lion is hunt the prey- the lionesses are the hunter of the group.
So what the male lion do?
The male lion's job i
s to protect the territory.
How is he do it?
The lion can roar (you can hear it from distence of 8 kilometers!) to scare the other animals, and he can fight with is sharp teeth and nails and he can bang is enemy with is body.
The females lions stay in the group for all their life but the male lion have to go off on their own when he reached 4 year old.
I like lion because their buety and their honor.
By the way- the lions are very frindly animal.
There is a game about big cats in the end of the reportage in the link.

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Way to go! Orly

video games
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Video games are very popular games. The playres are play this games called "Gamers".
There are many kinds of video games- war games, adventure, and many more.
The video games started in 1920 (remember Pacman?). In 1970 the video games started to be a big part on many people's life.
Today, the gaming is very popular and there are many games tournaments.
In Israel, once at year there is a "game-in"- conference of gamers, fans and... games!
Today the gaming programers working on games with the VR- you will LIVE the game!

"The neverending story"
I recommen
d you to read "The neverending story".
I started to read this book in some days ago- its was very intersting already in the first page.
In the story you are going to meet Bastian- teenager that all his class bully him- the snakes jewel and the magical caountry- "Fantasia". When Bastian saw "The n
everending story" first time, he knew this must be his book. When he started to read the story, he entered to a magical world with monsters and many other creatures. But their caountry- "Fantasia"- is under holes's attack and their queen is very sick. What they will do? The answer hide on the book. So... hope you will enjoy with this book!

The caracal29/5/17external image %D7%94%D7%A1%D7%99%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%A8_%D7%A9%D7%90%D7%99%D7%A0%D7%95_%D7%A0%D7%92%D7%9E%D7%A8_2015.jpg
The caracal is a wild cat that eat small animals.
The caracal is a solo cat and he lives in south africa.
Caracl's body bulit to sneak, run and jump.
How he hunts his prey?
First, the carcal hide in the tall grass- where is prey cant see him.
Next he sneaks to his prey and then jump on him and kill him. AMAZING!
external image caracal2_moho12.jpg

The white tiger
The white tiger is a wild cats that eat small and medium animals.
The white tiger is not a new species- its just a nickname of tigers with white fur. Unlike what most of people thinks- the white tiger dont have to live in snowy places!
Why is white tiger is so white?
Scientist knows that its a genetic problem, that give to the white tiger his special color.

external image 220px-White_Tiger_6_%283865790598%29.jpg
The jaguar
The jaguar is a big cat that eat big animals, sometimes he even kill and eat american black bears.
The jaguar is a good hunter.
He eat many kinds of animals (85!) - fish, mice, frogs, birds, sloths, monkeys and turtles.
The jaguar live in africa.
The jaguar teeth is very sharp and the can braek the the turtles shiled!

external image Panthera_onca_at_the_Toronto_Zoo_2.jpg

Love your blog.Orlyexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQpbuNqoYkagi4lYB1o0yXpeaSQlPgOHF4_wD3FMdyqLU3clJBrlA

Overwatch is a fps game that was created in 2016 by Blizzard.
Overwatch has 24 heroes, and a HUGE background story.
Overwatch stared as a little group of soldiers that wanted to save the from the "Omnics"- robots from the space that want to exterminate the humanity. The soliders in Overwatch came to fight them. After they won Overwatch brakes and the soldiers start to fight one each other. In the game you are playing a hero and team up with 5 more players and you have to complate your mission in the game- like capture an object or push a car to his destinaition.

Hope you enjoyed my blog!
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