Art, art and Digital art
My art :)
My art :)

I always loved digital art. I like this, when I can draw what I like easily, without having to shade for so much time like you have to do in a regular drawing, pencil on paper.
Digital arts is a really big subject. You can draw EVERYTHING. From the most simple stickman to a breathtaking painting.
So at first, I want to talk about a subject I really like in the giant digital arts thing,

And that is...
Pixel art is a kind of digital art, but this art is different because it's made of pixels.
What are pixels? these are little squares who create everything digital. For example, look at the "Windows" icon on your toolbar, down your computer screen. See it? look closely. It's made from teeny tiny squares!
Even my drawing is made from pixels. It's being seen better in my drawing.
Here's an example for a pixel art that I made -

Bandit pixel art, Clash Royale
Bandit pixel art, Clash Royale

And here's a more complicated pixel art (not by me) -

external image bLxcjh3.jpg


Pixel art is mostly used in computer games. My favorite computer game is Undertale, and it's fully made of pixels! The characters, the backgrounds, even the text is pixelated.
Here are some characters :

From left to right - Napstablook, Mettaton, Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus, Toriel, Sans, Asgore, Monster kid
From left to right - Napstablook, Mettaton, Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus, Toriel, Sans, Asgore, Monster kid

Well, What do you say? Like this kind of art?
Well, at least I know I do.

See ya at the next blog! ;D

Welcome to my blog again!
And today's subject is...

What are cartoons?
Cartoons are a kind of digital art (most of the time) that means, drawing in an unrealistic style for humor purposes. A person who creates cartoons is called a cartoonist.

Here's a cartoon from the famous TV show, Spongebob -

external image latest?cb=20121212130049

Some cartoons are anthropomorphized.
anthropomorphized means giving plants or objects the possibilities of a human, like talking, seeing, walking and more.
I like cartoons and drawing them because they don't have to be real or logical. I mean, look at our example, Spongbob. IT'S A TALKING SPONGE. Possible?

Absolutely no.

But he is so popular and funny, that people don't care about the logic part! It's just fun to watch him do silly stuff. Here is an example of "Spongebob's logic" -
external image Screen-925611.jpg

Well, just saying again...
They are underwater. ☺

So I like cartoons, I like drawing them - I just like these!


Hey! Today I'm going to talk about..

external image giphy.gif

What are animations?
An animation is made from frames screened after each other fastly.
The frames need to be draws specially - each frame, something moves a bit. When they are seen together as an animation, it looks like something is moving smoothly!
Take an example -

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪animation frames to gif‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪animation frames to gif‬‏


These little drawings are the frames. When they are screened fastly, you can see that the man auctually moves! (Not really.)

So now when you know what's and animation, let's tell you about drawing animations.
Making animations is VERY hard to do on traditional art (pencil on paper).
You need to make each frame as close as possible to the previous one.
That's why I draw animations in digital art!
I made one that is not really smooth, but still counts -

Hello gif by GalaxianKrkr
Hello gif by GalaxianKrkr

(She's saying 'Hello')
More advanced animations need more experience. :)
Can you make an animation?

external image Animexample.gif

See ya in the next blog! :D

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Welcome back! Today I'm going to talk about a giant art website called -

* DeviantArt! *

What's DeviantArt?As I said, it's an art website that's used for publishing arts. You can publish Photographs, paintings, drawings and more.
I have an account called GalaxianKrkr ( Be sure to check it :)כ )

Art from deviantart
Art from deviantart

So? in love yet?
Let me tell you about the site.
It all started long, long ago...

Nah, it started in 2000.
The site was built in August 7, 2000 by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and more.
It started as "deviantART" and changed to "DeviantArt" later (It's still DeviantArt).
Arts is the website are called "Deviations" and artists are "Deviants".
In the site, you can upload art, find art, buy other's arts and prints, join groups of artists and SO MUCH MORE!
DeviantArt's icon looks like this -

external image deviantart_logo_2__green_original___by_siamvocaloid01-d8ix39x.png

As you see, the upper part shows a 'd' and the lower one shows an 'A'. I think that the logo is pretty old, because it fits to the site's old name, "deviantART".
Hope you learned about the website and it's uses.
Now, go explore ! :)

The website -
My account in it -

16 / 6 / 17

Welcome back!
Today I want to talk about a drawing software I'm using lately called "FireAlpaca"!

external image FireAlpaca.png

"FireAlpaca" is good for drawing and animating. I'm mostly using it to animate, but I draw with it sometimes too.
"FireAlpaca" is originally Japanese, but now it's translated to 10 different languages.
In "FireAlpaca", you can use lots of unique tools to draw with - just like a pencil, pen, watercolor, or even the "FireAlpaca" logo.
There are special "snaps" to help you - a circle snap which gives you ready circles that can help you make ones yourself, same to a radial one or a 3D perspective one.
Use layers to sketch, do the lineart, draw the finishes and color OR change to the onion skin mode (The onion has lots of layers) and use any layer as a frame for an animation.
"FireAlpaca" has made a special place in their website for making the actual animation - It's called "AlpacaDouga" (Douga = Moving image in Japanese) and it gives you the option to select the layers (frames) you exported from "FireAlpaca" and turn them into an animation.

Well, I hope you enjoyed and learned more about "FireAlpaca".
Want to download the software? click the link on the word "website".
Want to check "AlpacaDouga"? click the link on the word "AlpacaDouga".

#AlpacasAreTheBest :3

Bye for now!

Note :
Draw for Orly - draw a b as a woman with a big belly (yes, that would be great!!!)
V = vanilla (V)

Orly's place :)
example... this is not mine so I can not use it. And.... (there is no need to write am, is , are) write the letter ב in her fat belly :).
I hope you can do it for me :)
Hey Orly, I made the woman but forgot to draw the dress Hope you like it :) I saw something similar using b (b's have bellies) and d (d wears a diaper) I can draw d too if you want. How about a cute
walking dinosourusse?
and the letter ד inside? That would be great too. What do you think?dfffghjr433.PNG
Sure, but I'm just asking, I'm not sure if I'm right - My 6th or 5th blog is about firealpaca?
external image il7e7W4.gif
You are so talented dear Karine! Thank Y O U so...... much it's amazing.
You are invited to see your drawing here.
Orly :)
Here is the dinosaur. :D (He is much cuter ^^)
external image nrrWc0p.gif

AMAZING!!!! A huge thanks dear Karine :)

fffd3345tthb m..PNG

external image artist-paint-brush-clip-art-an_artist_holding_a_palette_and_paintbrush_0521-1001-2913-4711_SMU.jpgWay to go! Orly

67ןלללללל.PNGorlywienr אורלי וינר.PNG

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