Weird Animals

In my blog I will describe one weird animal in every post.
There are some animals that we can't believe how weird they are.
So I hope you will enjoy the blog :-)


before :
Star-nosed mole.
Are you ready for a scary mole?
picture from xkcd : mole of moles
picture from xkcd : mole of moles

No. You aren't.

picture of a random scary Star-nosed mole
picture of a random scary Star-nosed mole

That's it? It's not that scary.
Oh yeah? Take a look at that:

That's it's nose!!!
That's it's nose!!!

Some facts about the adult Star-nosed mole:
It is 15 to 20 cm (very small) and weighs about 55 grams.
The star-nose is used to find food by touch (so don't put your leg near it)
It's fur is water-repellent and is black-brown.
It has kind-of large scaled feet and also quite a long tail. The tail is its fat storage and it grows 4 times larger during the winter.
Also a weird thing is that the star-nosed mole is able to smell underwater (i didn't know it myself!).
The star-nosed mole's nose is much larger than the nose of other mole species.
The nose covers 0.92 cm^2 while other mole's noses covers 0.11 cm^2.

That's it. I hope you are amazed (and not too scared).
external image 6219ba9b0342c24abca209c697275b1c_weird-animals-weird-animals-clipart_435-302.pngWay to Go.
Orly Winer


before : Thorny devil lizard or Thorny Devil or Thorny Dragon or the Mountain Devil or Moloch (all are the names of the same animal).

There it is:
The Throny devil lizard
The Throny devil lizard
A picture of the false head
A picture of the false head

- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Don't worry they won't kill you.
They will just scare you.

Some facts about it:
The thorny dragon length is up to 20 cm.
It can live 15 to 20 years. I lives in Australia.
It is covered completely in spikes that aren't very hard.
The thorny devil also has a "false head" on the back of its neck which confuses predators.
The females get bigger than the males.

When they need to drink water, they just touch water usually and the water is transmitted to the mouth through their skin!
They also collect the dew drops that are formed on them during the night and collect them.
Each one eats thousands of ants every day (hungry!).

Here is a poll about what animal is more cool
what animal did you like the most?
Star nosed mole
Thorny Devil Lizard
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Last week : Aye Aye
Wild aye aye.jpg
Wild aye aye.jpg

Yes it is: this is why i chose it.
The Aye-Aye is a type of a lemur.
The Aye-Aye has an original way to find food which only it and the striped possum use.
It is finding grubs/larva inside the trees to eat them.

that is all for this week and thanks for reading!

This week : Echidna which is a spiny anteater

The Echidna is an agg-layer mamal.
The Echidnas evolved (20 or 50) milion years ago from the platipus form.
Habitat: the Echidna lives in Australia and New geuina.
More facts are in this video.

Here is a poll about what animal is more cool.
What animal is more cool now?
star nosed
throny devil
aye aye
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this week: pink fairy armadillo.
a small nice pink fairy armadillo
a small nice pink fairy armadillo

- yes it is nice.
- ?!
it's good you like it.
Some facts:
It is the smallest type of armadillo.

Pink fairy armadillos are decresing in number from some tens of years ago
- oh it is sad...
- opps
now back:
The pink fairy armadillo holding away from nature recored is 4 years.
- wow really sad.
i just surrender...

this week: Tufted Deer.
cute tufted deer
cute tufted deer

- it is cute.
-why not cute?
Uncute Tufted Deer
Uncute Tufted Deer

-it is still cute.
K, I dont care.
here are some facts:
their liveing place, also called habitat is usaly 4.5 K"M above sea level.
-realy tall.
-wow realy angry.
back to the facts:
Usaly it has some black hair up on the head.

and it is time for me to go, bye.
What animal is more cool now?
star nosed mole
throny devil
aye aye
pink fairy armadillo
tufted deer


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