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North Korea
North Korea, the most isolated and dangerous country in the world.
But in the past, there was no North or South Korea, just Korea
Lets talk about that.
How did it start?
In 1910, the Japanese empire annexed the not-divided country of Korea.
After Japan surrendered and ended completely World War II, the country of Korea was divided, with the south occupied by the U.S, and the north by the Soviet Union.
Many negotiations on reunifiction failed.
in 1948, two separate governmaents were created, one for the north and one for the south.
When North Korea invaded the south a war began, The Korean War (1950-1953).
Today, North Korea is the most isolated and dangerous country in the world, and there are no signs for peace between it and any other country in the world.
North Korea is still hostile for the world and getting stronger and stronger every day.
My connection
I don't have a direct connection to North Korea, I chose to write about the country because it intersts me, aswell as other countries, which i'll write about later this year.
North Korea, the most isolated and also amazing country in the world!
Don't believe me? Here's a video!

I was Hagay and thanks for reading this far!
Hope you learned something!

Resources: Wikipedia, 101 Facts About North Korea by - 101Facts

Orly Winer
Orly Winer

Hi, didn't see you there.
I forgot to put the poll of the YIAY because I chose to start it only now...
I decided the subject on my own...

external image pikachuuuu.PNGYIAY
(Yesterday I Asked You)
Hey! Didn't see you there, today i'll write about the biggest video-dedictaded social network called YouTube!
How did it start
Youtube was created in Ferbruary 2005 by 3 former Pay-Pal employees - Chad Hurly, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim. In November 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for 1.65 billion USD!

The first video on YouTubeTodayToday, YouTube is one of the most successful sites on the internet with over 490 million users worldwide, and 92 billion page views each month!Also, all-together we spend 2.9 billion hours watching videos each month(326,294 years!)!!The biggest channel on YouTube (2017) is Pewdiepie with over 55 million subscribers!

I was Hagay and thanks for reading this far!
Hope you learned something!

Resources: YouTube, this site

What should I write about next time?
DC(my preference)
Poll Maker

Hi there!
Because I got a tie in poll, I decided about my prefernce (DC).
This time is exceptional.
external image dc-comics-30.jpgDC Comics
What are comics?
Before I tell you what is "DC Comics", I need to tell you about comics.
"Comics" is a medium (type of media) that tells a story (in a comic way, therefore is the name comics) by using drawings and speech bubbles together on "strips" of comics.
DC Comics
"DC Comics" is a comics company that features some of the most known super-heroes in the world, Batman, Superman and The Flash are just a few examples.
The name "DC" meens "Detective Comics", which is the name of the first comic (it was a Batman comic) ever released by them.
The company's cinematic universe (the story but with changes only for the movies) weren't the best by far, but the live action shows (a cinematic universe dubbed "The Arrowverse" that started in "The Arrow" series) are quite awesome and are very recomended.

Their site
Resources wikipedia
What should I write about
The UEFA European Championship
The UEFA Champions League

external image %D7%94%D7%95%D7%A8%D7%93.jpg
The UEFA Champions League
What is it?
The UEFA Champions League(shortly-Chmapions League) is the most popular continental championship with 64 clubs all over Europe taking place in it
The club with the most titles won is Real Madrid, with 12 titles
The nation with the titles won is Spain (Including Real Madrid) with 17 titles
The city with the most titles won is Madrid (Real and Atletico Madrid) with 12 titles
The all time top scorer is Christiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid) with 105 goals!

cghjkkkkkkyg.PNGorlywienr אורלי וינר.PNG

What should I write about
Lord Buckethead
The "Dab"
make free surveys

external image King%2BBuckethead.PNGLord Buckethead
Who is the Lord Buckethead?

Lord Buckethead claims to be an intergalactic space lord. but actually...
Lord buckethead is a satirical politician in Britian along with Elmo and Fishstick man.
The origin of the name and costume is from a 1984 sci-fi comedy show called "Gremloids"(which is also his party name).
Lord Buckethead's manifesto promised "strong, not entirely stable leadership"
A few of his promises:
  • Free bicycles for all
  • Legalise hunting of Fox hunters
  • Exile of Katie Hopkins to the Phantom Zone(A jail dimension)
  • Having a referendum on whether having a second referendum on the brexxit

What should I write about next?
2016-2017 accomplishments
next year (2017-2018)
survey maker

external image %25D7%259C%25D7%259B%25D7%2599%25D7%2593%25D7%2594.PNG2018!!

2018 will be an amazing year, it will be the year that I'll start middle school!
It'll also be the year I"ll start the 3 year Bar Ilan program which I am supposed to finish the 5 units Bagroot in Mathematics!
I'm also planning on going on every Mathematics contest there is, and join the Middle school's Debate group

To finish this amazing year and blog page, I want to wish every classmate of mine with good luck and success.
Thanks to all the teachers that helped me on the way and especially Orly Winer, on enabling me and a lot of other students to write about what we like in this site.

Stay C00L!

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