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Guinness Book Of Records

hi guys! thanks for entering my blog!
in this blog i'm gonna talk about the records in the Guinness book of records. but not the most basic ones, oh no!
maybe the most dangerous ones, or maybe the cutest ones, and even add greetings from Israel.
see you soon!

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kidnness book of records

hi guys! welcome back to my blog!
today we are gonna talk about 3 Guinness records that broken by kids!
so lets start!
let my introduce you Ben Mooney from Belfast ,Ireland achieved his first record by making the world's longest loom band created by human. today he's nine years old and achieving his second record
by making the world's longest paperclip chain. Ben spend lots of time attaching 66,000 metal paper clips, it's amazing!
external image Longest-paperclip-chain_tcm55-471232.jpg
another amazing child is Tiluck Keisam, that skated all the way to his first Guinness record of skating the longest time under bars!
Tiluck skated 145 meters (475 ft) under a loooong row of bars, see it yourself!

one last thing- tell my about you:
if you could break a record, witch record would it be?
see you next time, Bye!

hi guys! welcome back!
today we are gonna break some record!!!
okay, not really... actually, maybe!
today i'm gonna show you the "Block Busters!"
the Block Busters is a team of Guinness experts that will help you to get in to the book of fame!
this month they uploaded a new video to the Guinness site that explains how to break, or at least try to break some Guinness records!
here is the video:

hi again!
today we are gonna talk about the most famos record in the whole book!
this record is the tallest man in the world!
so the tallest man right now is Sultan Kösen from Turkey.
he is 35 years old and 2.43 meters tall!
he was first appered in the book in 2009 in this category.
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but he is not the tallest man ever! oh no!
who is the tallest man ever was?
you will find out next time!

part 2- the tallest man ever
hi guys!
let's start with a question:
do you know who is the tallest man in the world?
if you know: nice!
if you don't know: all you have to do is stay! for a minute! just stay!😉
okay, let's start:
Robert Pershing Wadlow was born in February 22, 1918.
by the age of 8 Wadlow was taller than his father!
wablow died at the age of 22 from falling.
in his death day he was 2.72m long.
.external image 220px-Robert_Wadlow.jpg
wablow and his dad
hello guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today we have a special blog talking about record boked by animals
the first one is Keon, a special dog with a very special tail!
Keon is the dog with the longest tail EVER.
with 76.8, I had to put on the list of the records that make me say wow!

the next record is the weirdest one i ever saw
Caspa broke the record for the highest bar jump ever cleared by a LLAMA.
external image 1227596?width=660&height=420
today im gonna write my last blog. enjoy it!
hope you liked my blog, read it and enjoyed.
if you want to know some more about Guinness records, enter their site:
and their youtube chanel:
please enter their site and their chanel, its amazing!

Highest bar jump cleared by a llama

Highest bar jump cleared by a llama

Highest bar jump cleared by a llama

Highest bar jump cleared by a llama

waiting :)
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Orly :)

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