The history of our planet- not so boring!

How did it all start? And How it go on? What were all that periods in our history? All the answers in this page.

In this page, I'll write you every week about one period of the history of our planet. So, before the beginning-

Here are the periods of the history:

  • The stone age

  • Ancient history

  • Middle Ages

  • The Renaissance

  • Modern history

  • And a new subject- The new age.





What was the stone age?

Most of the scientists say that that the stone age was the first period in the history that human were live in it.

What were the features of this period?

In that period calls "Stone Age" because of the tools in that period- they made from stone.

The people ate meat, and their clothes made from wild animals.

In that period it was'nt languages so the people just screamed and in that way they spoke to each other.


The Ancient history

When it was?

The Ancienst history began when the egyptian cuneiform script became to known, and it finished when

the "Holy Roman Empire" fell- about 476 before the B.C- When your grand- grand- grand- grand- grand- grand- grand- grandpa (or his

grandpa) was born.

A little about this period-

In the ancient history the people learned, at the first time to melt metals.

By this way, they could build strong work tools and they used them to work the land-

and thanks to the melting metals, the agronomy was very advanced in that period.


The Middle Ages-

The Dark Ages- What does that mean?

The Middle ages calld by many different peoples and scientists "The Dark Ages

because that period was'nt so easy:

The Christian religion ruled the world in cruelty and the people were very poor

and hungry. Relative to the periods that came after the Middle ages this period was

realy dark.

when it was?

The Middle ages was from 476- 1492 and it was a long period.

It was when your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandpa was born.


The Renaissance

The light after the dark

The Renaissance was a wonderful period from the point view of the scientists-

The art, the philosophy and many different kinds of art progressed.

Relative to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance (that means re-born in French)

was exactly like to reborn of the world and for the global culture.

There is a short film about that period:


The Modern history

What does it mean?

The modern history is the period of our days and it describing this time.

All the phones, the technology and the picture number 3 (;

I'm not gonna write a lot about that period because you know it very good...
So here are some pictures about that period, our period:


Next blog about the future!

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