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30/4/17Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word: SPACE?I know, this is a such big name for even a bigger thing!So how can I explain all this? Well, i'll try.This is an huge subject that contains so many interesting things to write about.I'm going to concentrate in some of them and to try interest you.

So... Welcome to my blog page, I hope you'll enjoy!

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪astronomy‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪astronomy‬‏


Today i'm going to concentrate on a really interesting planet.
I'm sure you know that It had changed a lot in the last four billion year, but you will never believe how and why.
Mars- you're welcome!
תוצאת תמונה עבור מאדים
תוצאת תמונה עבור מאדים
Mars - part 1
Mars called so because of its red color- it seemed like a planet of blood and made
association of wars, so it named "Mars" - the Roman god of war. The real reason for its red color it's the great amount of iron oxide in it.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun (~225,000,000 km = ~1.5 ^^AU from the sun).

^^AU is an astronomical unit of distance - 1 AU = 150,000,000 km . We use it in space because the distances there are huge.

An year in Mars is 685 Earth's days.
A day in mars is 24 hours and 10 minutes in Earth's hours.

The atmospheric pressure there is low; 1/1000 of Earth's atmosphere pressure. If you will be on Mars without any space suit, you'll spread out - your eyes will get out and your blood will burst out. I'm sure you understood that this is not the best experience ever.

The gazes on Mars are Co2 (Carbon Dioxide-96%), N(Nitrogen- ~3%), and the left ~1 percent is O(Oxygen), water or Ar(Aragon).
Temperature- Winter(poles): -120 °C
Summer(equator): 15 °C
Sizes - Radios = ~4,300 km
Moons - Mars has 2 moons - Phobos and Deimos; the meaning of their name are fear and teror.
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏

Four billion years ago mars was a beautiful planet with a good atmosphere and amazing view.
You could breath clearly, enjoy from water, huge lakes and long fields, just like ... Earth!
So what made it to be the red, desolate, empty, icy and dry planet like this is today?
There're many different reasons for all this. But, wait a second.
external image content_marsevolution-habitable-jpg_1.jpg

Simulation of Mars four billion years ago

What can we do to try bringing it for a better condition?
Today, scientists try to find a way to "fix" Mars and make it to be a place people can live in.
It calls "Terra Forming", and there're many ways to do it.
But first of all - Why do we want to fix Mars and we need it to be "a place people can live in"?
Why do we think "Terra Forming" Mars will help us? Why do we try it? What can we do at all?

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏
Are we so close for a big change in the whole world and outside of it? We can only wait and see ...

I know that so many things are not understandable right now, you don't even know yet what happened and changed in Mars! The science progressed so much in the last years, and i'm promise that I will explain everything next time.
It was just the beginning.

So for now; I have a question for you.
If you could, did you want to live in mars? What do you think about this idea? Should we move to Mars in the future? Write below your opinion, if you want to. Next week i'll explain what we can actually do and how.

I hope you learned something new! See you, Adel😝

My information source
I also found some information from my univercity's notebook.

Mars- part 2
Hey there!
Today we're going to continue the last passage, and to understand all those things that I didn't explain yet.
What are we waiting for? Let's begin!

Last time I told you that Mars had changed a lot in the last 4 billion years. So... How and Why?
Basically- because of Mars's relatively small size.

Why did its size change something at all?
Scientists think that its being a small planet made it to move away easily from its place-
It calls centrifugal force. I'm sure you know this.
Because of that, its distance from the sun grows up and it gets colder and colder every year and its atmospheric pressure has been lowed more and more.

There's a short video about Mars's evolution.
note: This video is really nice, but a bit boring, even for me. It just shows the changes in the last 4 billion year. If you want you can watch it, but i'm just saying that I have much more interesting vidoes to show you.

And for now- The most interesting thing about Mars that I'll tell you (at least for me)- the Terra Forming!
I don't even know where to begin!

Oh well, I know! Let's leave you AGAIN with many open questions for the next time. Yes, this is the best option :)
Next time i'll write more about all this subject, will add more information from me and will write my opinion- about this subject and about these videos below, because i'm disagree with somethings in them.
So... I hope you enjoyed from this time and I didn't upset you too much! See you, Adel.

Don't forget to watch the vidoes! :)

This video is a bit long- you can skip some things
Watch up to 2:30 - from then this is just not relevant for you(and the information there is not exectly right)

Mars- part 3Welcome back to my page! Today i'm going to write more about the Terra Forming, but first of all, let me write a bit about the videos that I told you to watch last time.
I think that the first video shows by an amazing way what I tried to explain. So for now, let me write exectly what do I call "Terra Forming".Terra Forming is a long process that makes a planet to be a place people can live in.How as you know, I'm gonna concentrate in Mars's Terra Forming.
We know that we have to change many things in Mars, for example its atmospheric pressure, the water's amount and state of matter(yes, we have water on Mars), the oxygen amount, the temperture and many more.
So... What can we do and how can we terraform Mars?

To make Mars more hot we can do many things, like what we do best - Global warming! We can just build kind of factorys which will spread hot gazes to Mars's atmosphere. We can also put huge mirrors which will save many sunbeams and will "pass" it to Mars. It will be really expensive and will take a lot of time, but maybe it will save Mars and will be more ecological.

To make more oxygen on Mars we can first of all to throw hydrogen bombs which will bomb the dry ice there. Because of the fact that dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid state, it contains carbon dioxide and oxygen! (Co2). After this, we will be able to plant plants like some kinds of the algaes (the chlorophytes and the cyanobacterias) which helps in the photosynthesis. With them we will make more oxygen on Mars. When the level of oxygen wil grow up, the atmospheric pressure will grow up too.
There're many things we can do to terraform Mars. For my opinion, most of them we didn't even discover yet! Our univerce is a huge place(mmm... I'm sure you know it) and in the same extent so interesting. If we will continue searching i'm sure that we will find a lot of new things to do. Mars has a great potential to be something like "the second Earth", and I don't think that any other planet that we know is so close to it like Mars. But... This is for the next time! Hope you enjoyed, Adel.
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪terraforming mars‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪terraforming mars‬‏
Mars- part 4

Welcome back to my blog page! Today I'm gonna finish my writing about Mars. So... What are we waiting for?
Last time I wrote what do I call terra forming, and today I'm gonna write my opinion about the second video(Do you remember it? You can always go back and watch it again!).
So what do I think about it? First of all, let me write briefly what was it about.

This video shows us some interesting ways to terraform Mars, but in the middle of it, it says that there're many things in Mars that we will never be able to solve, and I'm disagree with it.
I don't think that their opinion to "throw Mars to the trash" is right. I think that terra forming Mars and to live in it in the future is possible.

There are a lot of new things that we always discover, and maybe we will be able to answer all those open questions from the second video.
I can't really know if we will terra form Mars in the future, but we absolutely can try. I don't think that there's a better option than Mars to be a second earth. How as I told you last time, I think Mars has a great potential to be a place that we will be able to live in in the future.

We have to always remember, and not only about Mars- if we will believe in ourselves and will keep investigating we will succeed in everything. Remember- never give up!

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪mars‬‏

And for the end; what do you think? Should we terraform Mars? Write below your opinion, if you want so.

I Hope you enjoyed and learned something new! Adel

The Sun (and also some other suns...)The Sun is a huge star and the biggest one in our solar system. It contains so many interesting things to write about, but first of all, let me tell you about some facts. *Some facts about the Sun* - (my information source is at home, i'll write about it later).
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪sun‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪sun‬‏

Why does the sun is "perfect" for us and for our solar system?Well, this is not exectly right. The thing that actually made a life s on our planet is its "perfect" place in the solar system. it called the Habitable Zone.
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Circumstellar habitable zone‬‏
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Circumstellar habitable zone‬‏

When any planet is on this line it contains water on it because of the "perfect" temperture.
For example, if our sun was much more bigger, the Habitable Zone was on much more far place, and the opposite- if the sun was smaller the Habitable Zone was much more closer to the sun; how as you can see in the picture. In our solar system, the Habitable Zone goes between Venus and Mars, and Earth is in the middle of it. Hope you enjoyed and sorry about this blog's passage short lenth! Adel

Space and Astronomy - My TallyingSo today i'm finishing my writing in this blog. I'd like to say that I had a great time in making it. I learned a lot of new and amazing things and had a really special writing experience that i'll never forget. I had so much fun to write about a subject that I really like and to show all this for you. I hope that I maybe "turned on" something in your brain and you will continue investigating and learning this amazing and handsome subject.
I'd like to thank Orly and say that all this blog idea- is just amazing. I have no words to explain all the process that we did and specifically me; I think that I learned a lot in this year and in the best way. I'm so happy that I had this privilege to be your pupil. Thanks a lot!

I just want you to know and remember that the space is a huge place and we can always find a lot of new things- JUST LIKE OUR LIFE! Never give up and believe in yourselves.

Thank you for reading and goodbye, Adel :)

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